A typical day at the seminar

For the purpose of giving a clear picture of what kind of yoga and meditation we teach we will explain how a typical day of practice unfolds.

Before breakfast – Meditation

In the morning before breakfast we begin with a guided meditation where we are using the breath as our main object of concentration, this form of meditation is widely used by many traditions, and can bring us deep insights if practiced regularly.

Surya Namaskara – Sun salutation 

After the meditation we are ready to activate our body, we make 12 performances of the Surya Namaskara, synchronizing the breathing with the movements of the body combined with a deep attention on the connection between us and the sun.

After breakfast – Talks

Hatha Yoga

We will then perform the Hatha Yoga session, Hatha Yoga is very popular in the west and for many Hatha Yoga is their first encounter with yoga. Today many of us are lacking in physical exercise and many suffer from emotional or mental problems, Hatha Yoga helps us in correcting all this and it uses the body as instrument.

We will be performing some of the most widely accepted asanas (body postures) and we will also lightly touch pranayama (breath control) normally restricted to advanced practitioners. In the actual practice of the asanas we are focused on harmonizing body, breath and mind, so every asana will be preformed at a slow pace and with mental attention and awareness on the physical, energetic and mental effects of the asanas.

In the end of the Hatha Yoga session there will be a relaxation so all the received energies can be harmoniously distributed.

After this we are ready to enjoy the day, our body having new strength and our mind being at peace and elevated.

Afternoon – Walking Meditation

Late afternoon before dinner we will have the 3rd and last session of the day. First we will perform walking meditation; this form of meditation is energizing and can bring us into the present moment. Walking meditation also gives us a direct way of bringing meditation into daily life. Sitting meditation can sometimes be a bit far away from our normal routines, but in walking meditation we move and our eyes are open, only we move slower than normal and with a higher degree of awareness. This form of practice can bring us some profound understandings that will help us a lot in life.

Meditation exercises

After the walking meditation there will every day be different meditation exercises, some with music support, some focused on chakras (energy centers in the subtle body) and also concentration exercises will be shown. This is all done to deepen our experiences and understanding of what meditation is.

When we start the first time with yoga and meditation, it can all feel very different from what we normally are dealing with, the afternoon exercises aim at giving us direct and concrete experiences, no theory can match the direct experience.

The day ends – Nidra Yoga

The day ends with Nidra Yoga, often we translate Nidra Yoga as deep relaxation, but it is far more than a relaxation, it is a very advanced form of meditation, only it is not performed walking or sitting but lying down. In Nidra Yoga we are guided first into entering a deep relaxed state and in this state directed to perform different processes that help us in freeing the mind from tension. After this we will be slowly guided back to our normal wakeful state. The mind and body will now be very peaceful and all of the days experiences have been assimilated.

Talks About Yoga

The talks given in the seminar will explain in more detail than in this short presentation how yoga and meditation works. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Some of the topics that will be presented are listed here.

  • Asanas and how they work

  • Pranayama and the subtle breath prana.

  • Hatha Yoga – The balance of life.

  •  Yoga and health.

  • Purifying with yoga.

  • How to integrate yoga into life

  • Learn how to relax.

  • Concentration.

  • What is awareness?

  • How do we meditate?

  • What are the 7 chakras?

  • What is yoga and meditation?

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