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Lina-und-JorgosOur names are Lina and Jorgos, and we have been living on the peninsula Pelion for many years.

The beauty of the nature and its astonishing energy has moved us to decide to live here. We reside in the forest near the village Argalasti in a farmhouse and we feel every day grateful that we have the opportunity to live in such a unique place.

In 1993 we established in Pelion ILIOHOOS – The School of Simple Living. Since then, together with teachers who share our vision, we invite in Pelion guests from Greece and Europe.

In natural surroundings alive with vitality and energy, we offer courses of Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, Meditation and various activities leading to harmony, self-healing and inner transformation.

At the same time we try to introduce our guests to “the other Greece”, beyond the usual tourist stream.

Our main purpose is to offer you relaxing and creative vacations.

This purpose is realised through what we do and experiencetogether. We do healing body, breathing and attention exercises, dance and walk to locations filled with energy, visit local celebrations and experience Greek culture.

During the day the sea invites us for a swimm, the sun to sunbathing, the beautiful landscape for a walkabout.
In the evening one can dance at the beach with the group, spontaneous parties invite to singing, discussions take place or you can simply observe the play of the moonlight on the seawaters.

Our familiarity with the place we live in, its people and traditions, as well as our personal engagement, ensure a restful, distinctive and exceptional holiday.

Lina Kasviki

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