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This seminar will offer you a window into yoga and meditation, by taking you on a journey through your body, breath and mind.

Often we are so caught up in our daily activities that we loose touch with ourselves totally. When we do, we lose the connection with what is closest to us.

These teachings can change this, as they will introduce you into practice that can be implemented immediately and will bring awareness back into your life.

Yoga, Meditation and Nature

We aim to give the participant an enjoyable experience while staying with us, we will bring you a broad understanding of yoga and meditation, but always with an emphasis on the practical.

The seminar can open doors for everyone, both for people who have had no previous experiences in yoga and for those who are already advanced.

The theory and practice is designed for the needs of the west, without losing the essence of the original tradition from India. The comprehensive program can easily be integrated into your daily life.

Harmony between body, breath and mind are far more important in the practices you will be taught, than pursuing extreme perfections.

So if you would like to spend two weeks in an environment close to nature, gaining a deeper understanding of yoga together with meditation, while receiving tools that can be applied at home, this seminar is for you.

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