Qi Gong - Jia ke Hara - Walking holiday with Qigong

Come for one or two weeks, for a walking holiday with Qi Gong and meditation. This region offers some of the best walking – and the cleanest air – in Greece. On the walks you’ll find herbs like oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, wild lavender, and hibiscus, as well as wild orchids. Alongside the walks Qigong is offered, and other optional activities.

There will also be a slideshow about Pelion’s ancient history, mythology, and its healing herbs for which it has been renowned since ancient times.

Jiake Hara is an old form of greeting in Greek, it wishes joy and good health

Each week:
2 guided walks (usually day-long)
4 Qigong sessions (approx 1.5h)
4 evening meditations with relaxation exercises (approx 1.5h)
1 evening with Greek dances.

Qigong is a Chinese term meaning ‘energy cultivation’; Qi means energy (or breath) and gong means cultivation (or achievement through practice). The word Qi is also used to describe the relationship between matter, energy and spirit. One of the main aims is to enhance the flow of qi/energy through the body which can release endorphins (the feel good hormone), enhance wellbeing and a state of calm, grounded centeredness. Qigong practices can be dynamic (involving movement and steps), static (standing or sitting) and meditative. All exercises are quite gentle and always in connection with the breath.

Qigong can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or abilities. So if you are stressed and need to recharge your batteries then Qigong is the ideal practice for you.

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