…Fairy-tales are born in places where beauty resides.
The Pelion Peninsula is precisely such an extraordinary kind of place!
Join us in a place far removed from the tourist resorts and experience:

  • – Yoga and Qi Gong for revitalization and longevity
  • – Healing breathing exercises and meditation
  • – Walkabouts and encounters with nature
  • – Beach holidays in a quiet, dreamy cove
  • – Greek culture and dancing

Poets sang their praise of the beautiful Pelion Peninsula in ancient times. Homer referred to it as the summer residence of the Gods. On Pelion’s green mountain slopes the wedding of Pileas and Thetis took place and the gods of Olymp were invited.

Even today Pelion is the most valued destination for honeymoon travellers among Greeks.

Early medicin and wisdom were cultivated here. Chiron the wisest of all Centaurs lived on Pelion. Among his students to the art of healing were Hercules, Jason and Achilles, the famous hero of the Trojan war.

It was in Pelion that the Greek God of medicine, Asklepios, was initiated into the art of healing.

The Pelion Peninsula, country of the legendary Centaurs and Argonauts, is a green oasis over picturesque creeks and the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Pelion is a green peninsula with lush vegetation, small, idyllic villages and sandy coves. In antiquity, Pelion was famous for its many healing herbs (approx. 2000 types).

It is a unique combination of green mountains and the magnificent beaches of the Aegean Sea.

At the steep slopes lie the famous 15th and 16th century villages of Pelion with the typical, made of stones, houses and the slate roofs.

FakistraAt the feet of the green forests lie beautiful sandbeaches which as yet are only scarcely visited.

Away from mass tourism one experiences here tranquility and genuineness.

The Sunday Times about Pilion: God’s own country. The Olympian deities chose the Pelion peninsula as their holiday home – it is the divine, unspoilt Greece of dreams…

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