Qi Gong - Hui Chun Gong, Meditation

Our structured seminars consist of breathing exercises in the Chinese tradition, Qi Gong, movement and meditation.

You will learn to use movement, breathing and awareness in order to feel and channel the flow of your vital energy, thus overcoming energy blockages.

The seminar material is equal to an independent health program which will accompany you for the rest of your life.

It is the goal of our teachers to ensure that participants will be able to continue doing the exercises once they have returned home.

Instruction material such as audio and video cassettes are also provided for this purpose.

Excerpts from the seminar:

  • The 10 simple movements of revitalization and longevity, a mystical rejuvenation method practiced at the court of the Chinese emperor
  • Taoist meditations which open all body channels and meridians. These meditations lead in a natural way to the “Qi Gong – State”, a specific state of deep relaxation that boosts wellbeing and holistic selftherapy.
  • The theory of the “five elements” and their applications in everyday life
  • The “six healing tones”
  • Self-massage for the enhancement of your senses, skin, digestive and nervous systems
  • Collecting the Qi of Nature and pouring the seven Chakras

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