Greek Traditional Dances

The greek folk dances offer us the possibility to express our feelings through rythmic movements and singing.

The various types of greek dancing reflect a broad range of emotions: The joys of daily life, love and hope, sorrow and concern, dreams, dissappointment and lonliness. Dancing leads to harmony of body and soul; a unique way of shaking off emotional burdens.

The dances are colourful, though easy to learn and are usually danced in a circle as a group.

4 evenings of dancing are offered to all participants free of charge.

You will be introduced to the following dances:

1. Kalamatianos, circular dance.
2. Balos, amorous couple dance.
3. Syrtaki, made famous by the film Alexis Zorbas.
4. Samarina, slow, repetitive circular dance.
5. Hasaposerviko, mary, quick dance.
6. Menusis, meditative dance.

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