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Patanjali Yoga

Patanjali is the “Father” of Yoga, he wrote the first recorded text on yoga called “Yoga Sutra”, here he defined yoga and the practice of yoga for all future generations.
Patanjali Yoga is also called Raja Yoga, the royal path of yoga.

The teaching and all practices are given with respect to the directions of Patanjali and the Indian tradition in general. 

The style taught is inspired by some of the great teachers of our  time. It uses body, breath and mind as its basis, health and a deeper integration in life as its goal.

Integrated Style

All life is Yoga
Sri Aurobindo

For a yoga practice to have real purpose in life, it needs to be integrated in our daily activities.

In all the teachings there is also an Inner Yoga , this inner practice is the same in all methods, thus we will gradually be able to bring it into our daily life. So in the end there will be no borders between life and yoga.

The Life Energy

In the practice we are emphasizing awareness of the subtle breath called prana. Prana is the energy of life, and a regular practice of yoga will gradually increase the prana in our being.

When prana increases and is balanced our practice start flowing very easily and health, joy and peace of mind will arise naturally .

Individual Practice

In the teaching we aim at giving an understanding of the essential points in the yoga practice.

We will then be able to adapt yoga in a  natural way that fits the needs of our personal life, and the practice will be dynamic and alive.

In the seminar there will be given more methods than is needed at this moment, it is up to ourselves to choose those that fit our present level and temperament.

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